MiiR Camp Cup (Speckled Blue - Limited Edition)

$ 24.95 

This product is currently sold out.

Check out our brand new run of Mission Coffee Co. branded MiiR mugs. This run is a limited edition blue speckled enamel camp cup. We only have a few of these, and once they are out, they are out. So, get one now.

Why do we love MiiR? They build their cups to last, and they construct them with sustainability in mind. And, with every cup that they sell, they donate a percentage to projects around the world focused on environmental sustainability and the empowerment of underdeveloped communities. You can check out specific projects by putting in a code on the bottom of your mug. Now, that's transparency!

Size: 12oz

Lid Style: Sip

Material: Medical Grade Stainless Steel w/ Hardshell Powder Coat

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