ROAST: Home Roasting Theory

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In this hands on class, we’ll explore the process of roasting coffee. We’ll discuss the difference in types of roasters, how to focus on different roasting reactions, and how to target the profile that you are looking for. As a class, we’ll roast (1) batch on our 5kg US Roaster. We’ll also do some hands on with our sample roaster (you’ll each get to roast a batch). If you have a home roaster you want to troubleshoot, we suggest bringing it on in, and we’ll play around with it here.

Class participants have their choice of receiving (1) 12oz bag of roasted or green coffee.

Class limit is 5 students, in order to have maximum hands on time. 

NEXT CLASS DATE TBD. Please email for further details.

Mission Coffee Co Annex
1049-1051 N. 4th Street. Columbus Ohio 

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