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  • COLOMBIA TERRA NOVA - Mission Coffee Co. LLC
  • COLOMBIA TERRA NOVA - Mission Coffee Co. LLC

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Origin:  San Agustín, Huila

Variety: Caturra

Elevation: 1650 masl

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Cherry, Balanced 

Colombia coffees go far beyond the stereotype of Juan Valdez. Most small farms are extremely remote, hard to travel to, and hard to work (they’re in the Andes mountains, after all). From our friends at Coffee Quest, we found this amazing lot, Terra Nova, which hails from the Huila of Colombia. At this altitude and terroir, the caturra take on a juicy/jammy texture that is both extremely complex and super approacheble. In the cup, we taste a rich chocolate body, a cherry / green apple like acidity, and a balanced overall mouthfeel.   

*We roast all of our coffee to order. If we receive your online order on Monday or Tuesday before Midnight, we’ll ship it out by Thursday.  If you place your order after, (Wed-Sun), we’ll roast and ship it out to you the beginning of the following week.

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