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Origin: Sidamo, Ethiopia  

Variety: Heirloom

Elevation: 1800-1950masl

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Brownies, Cherry, Melon

There is little mistaking an amazing natural processed Ethiopia coffee. Like many of us in the coffee industry, this origin was one of the first that made us say “Wait a second, that doesn’t taste like typical coffee; it tastes like fruit!” This coffee comes from the Deri Kochoha washing station in Guji, Sidamo, which has more than 600 contributing farmers. The result: a coffee that will not disappoint your palate. When we cupped it, we tasted notes of fudgy brownies and a jammy fruit sweetness. There’s acidity that is reminiscent of sweet-tart cherries and fresh-cut melon.

*We roast all of our coffee to order. If we receive your online order on Monday or Tuesday before Midnight, we’ll ship it out by Thursday.  If you place your order after, (Wed-Sun), we’ll roast and ship it out to you the beginning of the following week.


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