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FAQ Updated

Mission Coffee Co - FAQ

Roasting and Orders

We typically roast on Monday through Wednesday every week. If we receive your order by Monday at 12pm, we will typically be able to ship no later than that Wednesday. Typical order cutoffs are 12pm on Wednesday (shipping Thursday). If we receive your order later in the week, don’t worry. We’ll roast it first thing the following week

Most of our online orders are shipped USPS, First Class or Priority Mail. For larger orders we will use UPS. Once your order ships, you will receive tracking information.

So fresh. With few exceptions, coffee is roasted the day before it is shipped.

We know that fresh coffee tastes best, but we understand there are situations where you’ll need it ground. If you need it ground, just select the grind size on the product page. If you need a recommendation, shoot us at

We sure do. You can pick up at our roastery location (2050 S. High St). If you place an order online, just select "local pickup." We are typically open M-F 8:30am-4:30pm. If you have any questions or need to schedule a pick up appointment, contact us at

Both the USPS and UPS experience occasional delays in shipping that are out of our hands. Also note that there are times that shippers may route local packages via external markets (don’t ask us why…). That said, we like to stay in the loop. Email us at with our order number and any details that you can provide, and we’ll be happy to check on our end for any additional information.

We see this happening quite often this past year. There’s a good chance your package is still enroute but was marked as “delivered” by your local delivery person. We recommend giving it an extra day. That said, once we pass along packages to UPS or USPS, there is truly little that we can do except check in and follow along. We also recommend checking in with your neighbors and/or mail room to see if it was accidentally delivered to another individual. But let us know about any delays that you’re seeing by emailing us at

We currently have two forms of gift cards. We have an eGiftCard via our main website ( which you can easily use on our website. We also have physical gift cards from our physical space which will not work online. If you would like to convert from digital to physical or vice versa, please email us at and provide us with your current gift card information. We’d be happy to help.


Easy! Go to the “COFFEES” page and click on “Repeat Coffee Subscription.” You can choose to get a stable offering of Kodiak, Black, or a Rotating Roaster’s Choice selection. We roast coffees to order and ship them within 2-3 business days of ordering.

You can either click “here” or sign into your profile. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a button titled “edit subscriptions.” If you are still having problems, please email and we can help you figure it out.

You can either click “here” or sign into your profile. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a button titled “edit subscriptions.” On this page, you can select if you would like to receive bi-weekly or monthly deliveries.

About Our Coffees

Short answer is no, we tend not to carry Fair Trade and Certified Organic coffees. Instead, we are more concerned with understanding our partner’s needs, like cost of production, cost of reinvestment, and costs to be sustainable. Often, these prices are higher than organic and fair-trade coffees and give us better transparency in the supply chain from farm to roaster.

We carry Sugar Cane Decaf, which uses a natural derivative of sugar cane to dissolve out the caffeine out of the raw green coffee. We like that this process decreases the overall carbon footprint (coffee grown in Colombia, processed there with sugar cane grown in country). In addition, we have been more than impressed with the flavor profile – we often mistake our decafs as “normal” coffees in blind tasting. #donthateondecaf

We do not carry flavored coffees. When we write flavor descriptions on the bags, we are describing how we experience the coffee on our palate. For example, if a coffee has notes of chocolate, caramel, or lemon, there is no actual chocolate, caramel, or lemon in the coffee. Instead, we may be noting that it has a linger that reminds us of chocolate on the tongue, a sweetness like caramel, and an acidic pop that reminds us of lemon.

You found the easter egg! Feel free to take 10% your next order by using the code FAQ10. For real. Nice find.