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Mission Coffee Co Customers, Family, and Friends,

2020 has been a year of learning, adjusting, and change. From social changes to the way that we do business, it has set an unprecedented time of change and flexibility.

Back in 2011, when we first established Mission Coffee Co, we had a dream to create a coffee space where we could “geek out” on coffee and share our passion of all things bean with the world. When we finally opened our space in the Short North in 2012, we got to see that dream become a reality.  We crafted some of the most unique beverages in Columbus and did our best to build a welcoming collaborative space and then we grew! In 2015, we opened our annex over in Italian Village because we wanted to roast our own beans and have a space where we could further push the education of coffee and foster the creativity of the ever growing coffee community. Then we grew again and added a new in-office space for employees of a company at their Westerville headquarters in late 2019/early 2020 which allowed us the opportunity to provide our coffee directly to a workplace.

Overall, our goal has always been to create craft coffee beverages, collaborate with our friends and community on coffee (and other projects), and teach about coffee as best as possible.

But this year has brought about some notable change in many ways. Back in March, we had to adjust our café and then made the tough decision in April to close for the foreseeable future. When we closed our café in the Short North, we had planned to reopen again when we could have a space that was safe for both our baristas and our customers. It is now September, and not as much has changed as we had hoped. 

After much reflection from both Jonathan and Jared (Mission Coffee’s Owners), we have decided to close the location in the Short North. We have called the Short North home for eight long years, and we appreciate all the support that we have received. The city is changing, time is changing, and we realize that we now need to find a new way to provide craft coffee, to collaborate with our community, and to further educate and share our passion.

In April, we opened a pop-up café in our roasting annex. Our plan is to headquarter our operations over at the Annex for the foreseeable future. We are also privileged for the support that we have received from our in-office locations, as we have also been able to continue to service their employees through this time.

Coming to the Annex is going to feel a little different. No cozying up to the bar and sharing a laugh with a barista. No posting up for the day with free Wi-Fi. But we will have the same great coffee (both brewed and roasted) available. And you can enjoy curbside pick up with free parking (RIP that in Short North).

For the time being, you can visit us at 1051 N 4th St, Columbus OH. We are selling beans, featured drafts, brewing supplies, and very soon, a full espresso bar menu. We would love to see all of you – it has been too long, and we miss y’all.

And, we will be looking for a new “forever” home in the future. This is not a goodbye so much as a pause, reflection, and redirection for things to come. Again, thank you for your continued support. We hope that Mission has been an important part of your morning ritual, and we hope to see all of you again soon, in some way or another.

~ Mission Coffee Co. Team  

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